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When sailing in Greece always be aware of the weather forecast

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Greece is a paradise for yacht chartering and many people who have sailed in its waters will argue it’s one of the nicest places in the Mediterranean Sea to have a summer sailing holiday.

It’s true Greece offers an abundance of blue skies and clear waters, a warm sun and a mild climate. Nevertheless, as in all summer resorts, the weather is not always clement and sudden changes in wind and sea conditions might catch you unprepared.

So, when you hire a sailing yacht in Greece for a holiday, the best way to design an itinerary is not three months ahead of your journey, but actually on the day you will begin sailing. That is because the weather forecast for all areas of interest will be as accurate as possible, which can make a meaningful difference if for example there are stronger winds coming your way and you have kids on board with no prior sailing experience, older people with health conditions or adults who just might be afraid of the yacht heeling over too much.

The official weather forecast services in Greece boast a high accuracy in predicting imminent weather patterns and one should always consult the special weather services designed and intended for people who sail the Greek seas, such as Poseidon, Meteo and others.

Especially when you are on a bareboat yacht charter in Greece – meaning you are the skipper of your yacht – consulting the weather forecast every 4-5 hours can assist you greatly in avoiding a possible deterioration of the wind and sea conditions, which can be uncomfortable for the rest of your crew and lead to dangerous situations, more so when under sail on yachts with inexperienced crews. Even if danger is not an issue, taking the weather forecast into account can help you avoid unnecessary damage/loss to the boat (e.g. by keeping the sail surface in check, making sure the anchor holds well at your overnight anchorage, not leaving port on a day with very strong gusts coming etc.).

Yacht holidays in Greece are an affordable luxury to very many avid sailors from all over the world, even to the more inexperienced holiday makers who use the services of a hired skipper. The great number of islands in the Greek seas allows for safe coastal navigation at most times, but one should never underestimate the fact, that the weather forecast should form part of a prudent sailing preparation and routine, out of every port or cove one sails from.

Sailing in Greece can be extremely rewarding and exhilarating to people roaming around aboard chartered yachts. Whether on a monohull or a catamaran, the wisest thing to do to protect the holiday spirit on board – as well as everyone’s safety – is to keep a watchful eye on how the weather unfolds in your area.


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