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What to bring with you for your yacht charter in Greece

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

You might imagine that it’s impossible for us to provide a single definitive list of all of the things that you might need while taking advantage of your yacht charter in Greece, and you would be quite right. It does depend greatly on such factors as the type of sailing you are doing, where you are sailing, what else you will be doing and simply your personal preferences.

However, there are still certain basics to which we can draw your attention.


If you’re taking your holiday at the height of the sailing season between mid-May and the end of September, you won’t need to bring many clothes – just a few T-shirts, swimsuits, shorts and towels should do just fine, as well as some casual evening clothing.

But even at the warmer times of year, it’s worth having a windproof jacket with you in case the winds are especially strong.

Potent sun protection is also a vital consideration, so we would suggest that you pack a good sun hat, sunglasses and no shortage of sunscreen.

As for your luggage, you’ll be able to stow away soft bags in onboard lockers more easily than hard suitcases. If your soft bags have wheels, they will be even easier to move around.


Your passport is obviously a crucial thing to bring with you for your yacht charter in Greece, as is your driving licence if you intend to hire a car during your trip.

Your hand luggage should also contain your EU medical card – if from the EU – and personal holiday insurance documents, if you took one. If you are skippering, yourselves, in your yacht charter, don’t forget to also bring with you your sailing license(s).

As for money, we would suggest that you take a combination of cash, credit or debit cards and traveller’s cheques. While bank ATM cash machines are easy to find in most urban areas in Greece, you should check whether your bank card will still operate while you are overseas.

All capital controls have long been abolished in Greece and foreign tourists have regular, unimpeded access to their outside-of-Greece bank accounts through the extensive ATM network in the country.

Toiletries, food and other essentials

You shouldn’t have many problems finding such essentials as soap, shampoo, sunscreen and shower gel in Greece, but you may have to pay more for them when purchasing from small harbour-side shops. Similar sentiments can be extended to food.

You will probably be able to find the obvious essentials, but if you have food allergies, we would suggest that you bring the substitutes you’re familiar with from home, as you may not be able to obtain them all in the smaller Greek shops.

Finally, we would also urge you to take a basic first-aid kit for your adventures on the sea, including the likes of travel sickness pills, insect repellent and antiseptic cream.

If you would appreciate more detailed advice on what may be suitable or necessary to bring to make the most of your yacht charter in Greece, simply contact our team here at Sail Puppy, we shall be delighted to assist you.


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