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Tips on staying safe while sailing in Greece

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Let’s face it – the whole appeal of yacht charter in Greece is that sailing in this warm, exotic and culturally fascinating part of the world is far from your mundane, everyday holidaying experience.

Indeed, you might have decided to charter a yacht specifically because it’s so thrilling to be out at sea. You should bear in mind, however, that such thrill does come with certain safety caveats.

It’s important not to overemphasise the dangers of sailing, but it’s equally important not to underestimate them. 99.999% of the time, those who take care while sailing will come home safe. However, it is impossible to completely eliminate the risks inherent in such an activity, which is why we would urge you to bear the below things in mind.

The questions you should ask yourself as a skipper

One of the matters that you most need to consider in general when contemplating whether to take a yacht out into certain conditions, is whether you think the boat is up to it.

Given the great care with which we scout the yachts we offer you here at Sail Puppy in order to ensure they are always in the best condition, this isn’t something you should need to think much about when you choose us for yacht charter in Greece.

However, you will also need to ask yourself whether the crew manning the yacht – your family and/or friends – will be up to the task. Your answer to this question if the crew consists of well-built men who have sailed yachts for tens of thousands of miles over their lifetimes will be very different to those situations when you only have your wife and children accompanying you, and she has almost no sailing experience.

The local conditions in the given weather must also be considered, of course – The charts may show that your destination harbour only has a narrow entrance, facing the same direction the wind is blowing, which obviously isn’t ideal. Alternatively, the entrance may be wider or the inward journey may be an upwind one, in which case, you might not have as many problems.

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your yacht charter in Greece

Then, there’s simply the question of how you feel and whether you feel up to it. You need to consider whether you can handle the stress and are confident of being able to deal with the given weather conditions. Don’t ask yourself these questions when you’re loaded up on the whiskies – wait until the morning, after your coffee. If you are in any doubt about being able to handle it yourself, you shouldn’t take the risk with any family and/or friends accompanying you.

As for if the weather builds when you are already out at sea, that should be your cue to take in sail. Remember that it’s better to be last into the marina with you and every other member of the crew intact, than it is to take unnecessary risks.

Ultimately, when you take advantage of yacht charter in Greece with e.g. Sail Puppy, you aren’t there to be a professional racer – so don’t act like one. Take care and take your time to ensure that everyone in your party comes home safe and sound after a rewarding sailing journey.


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