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Greece is as magical a place at Christmas as it is during the summer

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

When you think of the Doric colonnades, baking heat and shimmering coastlines that have long been synonymous with Greek holidays, you might struggle to imagine what this compelling country could even truly be like at winter.

Is skippered, crewed or bareboat yacht charter in Greece even very rewarding at this time of year, given what one might presume to be relatively adverse conditions?

Don’t fall for the popular misconceptions

First of all, let’s dispel some of the concerns that you may have about the Greek weather at this time of year.

Sure, the winter isn’t exactly a time of never-ending sun in Greece in quite the same way the summer is, but the differences between the seasons aren’t necessarily as stark as you might think.

Yes, you will need to keep a close eye on the weather and can expect a few stormy days, but you can equally expect many beautiful ones. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about the strong summer wind ‘Meltemi’, so your sailing may even be less, rather than more stressful during the Christmas period than it would be at hotter times of year.

Plus, with even the sunnier periods by no means matching the intensity of those observed in the summer, you might actually be able to spend more time lingering around those outdoor historical sites without having to worry about getting a sunburn.

A feast of fascinating traditions and events

The Christmas season in Greece is not just a duplicate of that with which you will be familiar elsewhere in the West. Christmas trees, for example, are not traditional to the country, with some Greek homes likely to have a shallow wooden bowl with a piece of wire over the rim, on which a wooden cross hangs wrapped in a basil leaf.

You may have also been unaware that 1st January is St. Vassilis’ Day in the Greek Orthodox Calendar. It is the day on which Greeks exchange wrapped gifts, rather than Christmas Eve, and also sees the cutting of the New Year Cake, Vassilopita.

A host of events will also mark Christmas in Greece this year, not least in Athens, which is one of the popular embarkation ports for skippered, crewed and bareboat yacht charters here at Sail Puppy.

With renowned troupes set to perform while charming markets offer unique gifts and art galleries and museums swing open their doors with distinctive exhibitions, there may not be a better time during 2020 to be in the Greek capital than this winter.

Make Sail Puppy your choice of yacht charter agency during December and into the New Year, and you’ll soon realise that Greece can be a true all-year-round destination, in more ways than one!


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