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What are the biggest dangers of sailing trips to the Greek islands?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

There’s no doubt that while bareboat, skippered and crewed yacht charters in and around Greece can be extremely stimulating and inspiring, they also bring very real hazards.

So what are some of the risks of which you should be aware when you next book a Greek island holiday with Sail Puppy?

Narrow passes

While the piloting of a yacht is always a task that should command the utmost attention of you and your crew, there are certain awkward-to-navigate waterways for which this is especially the case.

Approaching Lefkas marina from the south or journeying through the Corinth Canal, for instance, can only be done by keeping your eyes continually peeled for both obvious and non-obvious hazards.

Difficulties with finding a berthing spot

A definite downside of including the most popular Greek islands or ports in your itinerary is the struggle that you may have simply attempting to get a mooring at peak times such as the early afternoon. A great example of this is Hydra Island, where many people don’t sail at night due to insurance restrictions, leading them to anchor just off-shore. This heightens the risk of other potential issues, such as people’s anchors getting tangled.

Injury or sickness

You can never rule out the possibility of someone in your yachting party becoming ill or sustaining an injury. In that case, you’ll be glad for having elected to have someone onboard who is trained in First Aid and knows how to respond to a variety of potential emergency situations.


Yachting enthusiasts and novices alike can’t expect to sail around the Greek islands without experiencing strong winds from time to time – after all, they are a key part of the country’s culture and the whole mythology of ancient Greece. Among the more famous examples are the Bora on the Adriatic, which builds every morning and recedes each evening, and the Meltemi on the Aegean, which can be especially strong during the warmer months.

Running out of fuel or water

If your engine does grind to a halt, you can expect the very first thing that a mechanic checks to be the fuel level. You won’t want to have to pay for someone to tell you that you need to pay money for fuel!

It’s much better to simply keep a close eye on your fuel levels from the beginning. The same applies to your water levels, as there’s always a chance of the next port you visit being too full for you to gain entrance, thereby denying you the opportunity to top up your tanks.

The above could never be an all-exhaustive list, so we would always recommend the most fastidious and informed possible preparation for your bareboat, skippered and crewed yacht charters in and around the Greek islands.

Book your yacht charter in Greece today with Sail Puppy, a company that has carefully considered every eventuality to help you to enjoy your time away to the full.


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