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Splendid yachts for marvellous sailing holidays you can afford

Sail Puppy Ltd. is an experienced and trusted boutique yacht charter agency established in London. We specialise in offering magnificent sailing holidays all over Greece through surprisingly affordable yacht charters of the highest quality standards, with a friendly, effective and discreet personalised service which caters for your bespoke preferences.

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Online Deals


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Embarkation &

Disembarkation ports

in every sailing area


Athens, Lavrion,

Poros, Nafplion


Athens, Lavrion,

Mykonos, Paros

Lefkas, Corfu, Kefalonia

Kos, Rhodes

Skiathos, Volos


Kavala, Halkidiki


Athens, Nafplion, Kalamata


Sail Puppy Ltd. benefits from 25 years’ worth of experience in the yacht charter industry.

Our job is to find and offer you the most suitable and best affordable sailing yachts in Greece to choose from, befitting your circumstances and specifications.


To achieve this, we leverage our rich experience in the sector, while also mobilising our extensive, proven yacht network resources to track boats worthy of each yacht charter’s unique characteristics (client, size of group, sailing area, yacht specifications, budget, special requirements etc.).


Are you looking for the latest and greatest sailing yacht models from the major shipyards? A fast sailing experience aboard a First 53 or would you rather sail a Pogo? A wonderful "normal" 38′ monohull for a relaxed cruise, a magnificent 4-cabin 46′ or a luxurious 55′ yacht? Furling or battened main sail (perhaps with a blister included)? Maybe an affordable catamaran in wonderful condition is what you’re really after. Or is it that you are trying to squeeze a month-long sailing holiday into a tight budget?

For every charter request we receive – however extraordinary – we scout the market in the geographical area(s) you designate, to offer the yachts you deserve at the right, highly competitive price. We thoroughly check the boats we suggest, conducting on-site yacht audits on a regular basis.

We take our job very seriously and are genuinely passionate about what we do. It’s because we know all the necessary ingredients for an utterly successful sailing holiday recipe.



Catamaran & Monohull

Sailing Holidays You Will Love

Sail Puppy Ltd. benefits from 25 years of rich and varied experience in the yacht charter industry. We are very meticulous in choosing the appropriate shipowners we accept to cooperate with, thus safeguarding your interests, as well as our fine reputation. Only the best pass the test.


Additionally, all our yacht charters include free-of-charge insurance coverage against shipowner insolvency (financial failure), by a highly acclaimed UK insurer and underwriter. 

Our superior advantages include offering you the choice to pay for your sailing holidays in Greece in GBP, EUR or USD via any credit/debit card, as well as the choice to pay by direct transfer to our UK bank accounts in any of 28 major currencies.

Choose among more than 16 embarkation and disembarkation ports all over Greece, between more than 300 yachts and 70+ monohull & catamaran models.

We stand out compared to the competition being a truly independent company: We don’t have any vested interests in the yachts we meticulously choose to offer you, as opposed to many yacht charter agents who happily assume the graceless role of biased middlemen for lesser sailboats.

At Sail Puppy Ltd. you get the best yachts available in the market; period. We understand a good price matters to you, which makes it one of our fundamental priorities, too. We promise our charter proposals will always be highly competitive, maximising the sailing holiday value your money can buy.

Book the finest sailing holidays in Greece with Sail Puppy to benefit in every way which counts.


Be the qualified skipper on your yacht of choice


Charter a yacht with a professional skipper



Luxurious yachts with permanent skipper & crew